If your thinking about getting a cat you need to remember that cats are playful animals and kittens are even more playful. If your thinking about getting a cat or a kitten you need to know the basics of how to care for your new cat or kitten.
I would strongly suggest that the moment the new cat is brought into the house that just for the time being give the cat its own room complete with bed, food, water, toys, and litter box. If your cat has not been litter box trained now is the time to introduce your cat to his or her litter box. Place him or her gently in the litter box so they know for sure that it’s the place to do their business. Use a plain plastic pan litter box and no you don’t have to buy any fancy Kittie litter. The cheap stuff from Walmart will work perfect. Your cat will get along just fine with a plain plastic litter box with no hood over it or anything. Go with a plain litter box and you and your cat will be much happier. In fact if you get an older cat and you try to present it with a covered litter box it may refuse to use it at all so stick with a plain 3-4 inch deep plastic pan litter box.
You should make sure that your cat has food and water available at all times. I use automatic feeders and waterers for my cats but I do have 5. You may have to experiment a bit to find a dry cat food that your cat or cats are going to like. And for less litter smell I would stick with a dry cat food. A finicky cat may refuse to eat some dry cat foods but you can eventually find a dry cat food your cat is going to like if you do a careful search. You should provide a scratching pad or pole for your cat to use so it won’t be tempted to scratch your furniture. When you see your cat or cats using the scratching pad or pole encourage and praise them.
My cats love to be brushed and I have a couple of different brushes that I use to brush them with. When I start brushing one the others actually line up and start meowing wanting their turn. You really have no reason to bathe a cat though I have one Tom Cat who insists on getting into the shower with me and he really loves water. He also actually jumps in the swimming pool and really has fun doing it. He will jump in time after time. He also loves to play fetch. I throw his toy mice for him and he retrieves them over and over.
Your cat or cats should really go to the Vet on a regular basis. Look around your area and see if you have a vet in your area that specializes in cats. If so you and your cat will be much happier. If not a regular vet works just fine but be sure to take the cat to the vet in a cat carrier until you know exactly what is going to go on when you take your cat to the vets office. I joke from time to time that I’m going to write a book on the care and raising of a fine yellow tomcat. I love my cats and they give love in return.
A house cat can be one of the best pets on earth but a cat is going to be much different from a dog. I have an older female cat that is quite moody. Sometimes she wants to play like a kitten but other times she goes and climbs to the top of the dresser where she wants to be left alone until she decides to come down on her own.
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Having a cat requires more responsibility than including it on your monthly budget. You need to understand that you are taking on a lot of responsibility and this includes providing for all your cats needs including its housing, its nutrition, and most important its health.
Keep in mind that small kittens especially will crawl into places where a large cat wouldn’t even fit. I had to call an appliance repairman one Sunday morning to remove a small kitten of mine that had crawled inside the back of my dryer and would not come out. For smarter cats you may want to even put child safe locks on your bottom cabinet doors.
Keep an eye on your cat so you know his or her regular eating habits and their daily routine. If your cat stops eating or starts acting strange you may need to take it to the vet. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. You will have to decide if you think there is something wrong with your cat.
Keep in mind that if you have a very clean cat ( Almost all cats are ) and then suddenly you notice he or she is no longer bathing in the morning something may be wrong.
Never use the drops placed on dogs for fleas on your cats. It will make your cat very sick. You have to buy flea control drops that are made for cats. If your cat likes to go outside buy it a cat flea collar. But be sure not to put the collar on to tight and watch your cat and the area on your cat under the flea collar for a few days to make sure your cat doesn’t have an allergic reaction.
Watch your cats if you have house plants because your cats may do a taste test on your plants or even eat your houseplants so be sure you know what houseplants you have and if they are toxic to house cats.
So yes in case you’re wondering you do need to keep a close eye on your cat and its actions and behaviors. With minor problems you can search the Internet for solutions but if you have any serious questions or concerns call your vet.
Don’t you just love funny cat photos? I know I do. I just love the cat video up there above. It is so funny.
1. Be sure that the window your kitty enjoys looking out is safe. You may need to make sure that the screen is securly fastened or you may want to consider adding a screen storm window to your cat’s favorite window so there will be no danger of your cat falling.
2. Always err on the side of caution. If you know that your cat is not acting right take it to your vetenerian. Even if nothing really is wrong with your cat you’ll feel better knowing your cat is okay.
3. If you have a cat that chews on electrical cords you’ll have to make your house as cord free as possible. If you have to have certain electrical cords run them through PVC pipe as much as possible to keep a chewing cat away from the electrical cord.
4. Never swat your cat, instead use a spray bottle filled with water if disipline is neccessary.
5. Be sure that you only use flea control products made to be used on a cat for your cat. Flea control products made for a dog should never be used on a cat as they can make your cat very sick.
6. Never let in a stray or bring home a stray cat until the cat has been to your vetenerian and had a through check up. Stray cats can carry diseases your cat does not need to be exposed to. Also remember that new cats need to be intorduced to your current cat or cats carefully.
7. If your going to have a cat and a dog in your house always get the cat first and let it become used to the house for a few weeks before you bring home the dog. They will get along much better this way.
8. You should avoid giving cows milk to adult cats because it can give them gas and diarrhea.
9. Don’t give dog food to your cat and stop the cat from eating the dogs food even if it wants to. Cats have differnt nutritional needs than dogs.
10. If you have outdoor cats always honk your horn several times before you crank your car. Cats love to sleep on a warm engine. So be sure to blow the horn several times before you start the car.
11. Remember that just like small children that kittens love to explore so make your house as kitten proof as possible or keep a kitten or kittens in a room that you know is safe.
12. Keep your yarn, thread, needles and other sewing things safely put away out of the cats reach. Cats will play with yarn and they will at times swallow it. So use care with your sewing things.
13. If your cat goes outside have a up to date microchip placed in your cat and also put a collar on the cat with its name, your name, and a contact phone number on the collar. I have a small metal pendant hanging on all my outdoor cats collars with this information on their collars. This way if the cat gets to far from home you’ll most likely will get a call and you can go retrieve your cat.
14. Remember to never try to pick up a scared or angry cat. It may bite you even though it knows you. Instead let it calm down before you approach it.
15. Make sure your cat stays away from chocolate, onions, and prescription medicienes. If your cat eats or attempts to eat some of your prescription mediciene take it and the mediciene you think it ate to the vet at once.
16. Keep appliances like dryers and dishwashers closed when not in use or your cat or kitten may go in and then you never know what might happen. Never forget how curious a cat is.
17. Remember that some house plants are toxic to cats so be sure that you do your own research before you bring the house plant home.
18. Always check to see where your cat is before closing basement doors or closet doors. Your curious cat may be inspecting new territory.
19. Keep comode lids closed especially around kittens because the moving water in the comode may be to much for the kitten to resist and it could easily drown.
20. Never give a cat mediciene that is not specifically for a cat. If your cat is sick it needs a trip to the vet.
21. And finally I suggest you keep a journal for each cat in your house. And be sure that you keep carefully detailed notes about each cat.